Pittsford selectboard keeps its eyes on the road


PITTSFORD — The Pittsford Select Board held its first meeting of the new year on Wednesday, January 4, 2023.

The board voted to lower all speed limits within the village to 25 MPH, in an effort to increase the safety of residents. Streets with high foot traffic, such as Mechanic St. and Pleasant St., which are adjacent to the elementary school, will especially benefit from this.

There was a discussion about formally discontinuing a stretch of upper Old Hubbardton Road that is no longer maintained. Board members noted that this could be an opportunity for the town to declare the old stretch of road a public trail.  However, this topic was postponed for a later meeting. 

There was commentary about Vermont Act 250, specifically pertaining to a permit that was granted to the Vermont Department of Transportation on December 27, 2022.  This permit authorized a replacement of the existing bridge (No. 108) over Furnace Brook, across from the Mobile station. The project would include approach work, realignment of VT Route 3 and Oxbow Road, related drainage and roadway infrastructure, and the temporary construction of both a pedestrian and a vehicular bridge. 

The Pittsford planning committee had objected to this project in an earlier hearing because of concerns with the site’s history, conflicts with the town plan, and safety at the intersection. Despite the previous testimony of planning committee members, the permit was granted to the Vermont Department of Transportation. 

Attendee Rick Conway stated concerns about emergency vehicles and longer response times that would result from the project. 

Board member Mark Winslow noted that it is clear the bridge needs to be replaced, due to neglect, though the additional changes to the roadway being imposed by the state could potentially cause safety issues. Board member David Mills reaffirmed this sentiment stating that the realignment is comparable to taking a bad intersection and making it worse.

The board agreed that the primary safety concern is the bridge, and they hope to table the redirection of traffic flow until a later date. The board implied it would be submitting an appeal within the 30-day window as per Rule 5 of the Vermont Rules for Environmental Court Proceedings.

Other Board News:

  • Discussed the necessity and timeframe for town reappraisal, noting they will receive word about appraisal requirements in July. 
  • Assistant to the town manager, Ann Reed, was appointed delinquent-tax collector and fuel coordinator
  • Rob Spencely was voted in as a moderator for town meetings
  • Rich Bowman has stepped into the role of Animal control officer for the town
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