Brandon Police Report: Cat on a coal tin roof

BRANDON — An argument between two intoxicated people on River Street on Jan. 23 began the week for Brandon Police. While officers found no evidence that a crime had been committed, the parties involved were left at separate residences and the scene was cleared without further issues.

The following day, Jan. 24, was a difficult one for pet owners. At around 4 p.m., police were contacted by the Brandon Animal Control officer to help rescue a cat stuck on the roof of a building on Railroad Avenue. A little over an hour and a half later police got a call reporting a man and woman shouting for help from the Cattails Restaurant parking lot. The people in question had been transporting their dog, which had been hit by a car in Sudbury, to the animal hospital for treatment, but the dog had passed on route. Understanding their distress, the officers involved offered their condolences and told the couple that they could stay there for as long as they needed to feel comfortable to drive once more

On Jan, 25 police received a Medic Alert call from a woman believed to be having a heart attack. Dispatch notified Brandon Area Rescue, who went to the house with the responding officer, where the woman was evaluated on-scene by EMS personnel. Later in the morning police were called to Wood Lane for a report of a single-vehicle crash. There they found a Black Chevy Silverado in the front yard of a residence off Wood Lane. The truck appeared to have driven over a snowmobile and then hit the front porch of the house. Police determined that the vehicle had been driven on private property at the time it crashed rather than on the public street. No one was home at the residence, which police had responded to numerous times in the past for ongoing motor vehicle complaints. Because the crash did not occur on a public highway, the incident was documented for informational purposes only.

Just after midday on Jan. 26, police received a report of a person having a cardiac arrest at the Otter Valley Union High School. While on route to the school, Dispatch cancelled all responding emergency units, as there had been a miscommunication. The cardiac arrest was inside a regional ambulance on route to another medical facility and not actually at the high school in Brandon.

In a related incident, Police stopped a box truck on Grove Street near Arnold District Road about an hour later. Despite the vehicles responding to the cardiac arrest operating their lights and sirens, the operator of the truck would not yield and/or pull over to allow them to pass. The operator was issued a ticket for failing to yield to an emergency vehicle.

School officials at Otter Valley Union High School Contacted police later in the day with concerns about a student who had brought an Air Soft pistol into school. Further investigation revealed that the student had brought the toy gun into school for a friend to have and that it was never seen by any students nor had anyone been threatened. It was determined that there was no threat to any of the students or staff at any time. The matter will be handled with disciplinary action through school administrative channels.

Just after 5 p.m. the same day, Brandon Police, Fire and Brandon Area Rescue responded to a possible structure fire on Goldspink Avenue. It was determined that the smoke observed was from a battery pack that had been left on top of a burning wood stove and had melted to the top of it.

In other activity Brandon Police:

ON JAN. 23

• Conducted a background check for an individual wanting to do a ride-a-long at the Brandon Police Department.

• Responded to a report of a domestic disturbance on River Street. 

• Patrolled Center Street on foot.  

ON JAN. 24

• Assisted an operator of a possibly disabled vehicle parked on the side of Route 7/Grove Street.

• Attempted to serve a subpoena at the request of the Rutland County State’s Attorney’s Office on an individual residing on Furnace Road. 

• Stopped a vehicle for speeding on Franklin Street and issued a ticket for operating without proof of liability insurance.

• Assisted Hinesburg Police Department in getting in touch with a Brandon resident concerning an untimely death.

• Took fingerprints done for school chaperone, nursing license and substitute teaching.

• Conducted a welfare check on an individual on Triangle Court.

• Assisted the town of Brandon Animal Control Officer with a stranded cat. 

• Stopped a vehicle on Marble Street for defective equipment and issued a warning.

• Responded to a report of suspicious activity on Grove Street. 

• Responded to a report of a possible intoxicated driver on Grove Street. 

ON JAN. 25

• Notified Brandon Area Rescue of a Medic Alert call. 

• Responded to a single vehicle crash on Wood Lane.

• Served subpoena for video records at the Rutland Northeast Supervisory Union. 

• Took fingerprints for a school volunteer, school employment, school chaperone and nursing license.

• Responded to Champlain Street for a single vehicle car crash. 

ON JAN. 26

• Received a report of a person having a cardiac arrest at the Otter Valley Union High School. 

• Stopped a vehicle on Grove Street near Arnold District Road for failing to yield to an Emergency Vehicle. 

• Took fingerprints for a bank employee and nursing license renewal.

• Investigated a possible juvenile problem at Otter Valley Union High School.

• Responded toa possible fire on Goldspink Avenue. 

ON JAN. 27

• Investigated a suspicious vehicle in the parking lot at the Otter Valley Union High School 

• Conducted routine property watches at Property Junction Store & Deli on Forest Dale Road, the Masonic Lodge on Park Street and Union Street Market on Union Street.

• Stopped vehicle for speeding in Conant Square and issued a warning. 

• Patrolled Center Street area on foot.

ON JAN. 28

• Made traffic stops on Grove Street and Franklin Street for speeding, tailgating, and defective equipment, issuing three warnings and one ticket for failure to possess license certificate.

• Aided a resident on Grove Street with a civil divorce issue and documented the incident for informational purposes.

• Assisted Brandon Area Rescue with a Life Alert in Conant Square. 

ON JAN. 29

• Made traffic stops on Franklin Street and Champlain Street near Conant Square. Issued a warning for speeding and for operating a vehicle without lights.

• Enforced traffic laws on Carver Street/Church Street. 

• Mistakenly received a citizen dispute report meant for Pittsford police. 

• Received an anonymous call about a possibly impaired driver somewhere in Brandon. The vehicle described was not located.

• Patrolled Park Street. 

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