Brandon Police Report: Dialing 911 is not child’s play

BRANDON — A passing motorist contacted Brandon Police on the morning of Jan. 16 to report a woman sitting on a guard rail on Route 73 in the area between the Junction Store and the Goshen line, and having some type of mental health crisis. Upon locating the woman, the responding officer did find that she was having some mental health issues, but did not indicate that she wanted to harm herself or anyone else. The subject refused mental health services, but the officer provided her a courtesy ride to a friend’s apartment so that she could get out of the cold weather

Shortly afterward police responded to Olivia’s Croutons on Forest Dale Road for a 911 hang up call. Apparently some children were on the premises and one of them had been playing with the phone and accidentally dialed 911.

The following day, Jan. 17, police began investigating a past altercation between some female students at the Otter Valley Union High School. The investigation involves possible multiple counts of aggravated assault. Charges will most likely be filed at the investigation’s conclusion. Later in the day K-9 Guinness was called in to do his work on a suspicious package containing several bags of un unknown substance sent to a Brandon resident from an unknown person from California.

Neshobe Golf Club staff called police on Jan. 18 to report that someone was illegally dumping trash in their dumpster. The caller could not identify the culprit, so police advised the business manager was to call the police department if said culprit returns in the future.

A domestic disturbance on River Street drew police attention on Jan. 19. A husband and wife were having a verbal argument. With police assistance, the couple agreed to sleep separately for the night so that there would not be any further issues between them.

Early in the morning of Jan. 20 police received at report of a missing person and stolen vehicle from a Franklin Street residence. The car is believed to have been taken by the individual that was reported as missing by his family. The investigation is ongoing.

In other activity, Brandon Police:

On Jan. 16

• Aided with a mental health issue on Route 73. 

• Responded to an accidental 911 call on Forest Dale Road.

• Investigated a suspicious event on Grove Street.

On Jan. 17

• Responded to an altercation between some female students at the Otter Valley Union High School. 

• Checked the welfare of a bus driver stopped on Park Street. 

• Took fingerprints done for an out-of-state concealed carry firearms permit and for BRAVO volunteer.

• Deployed K-9 Guinness to conducted a narcotics search. 

• Made a welfare check on someone who wasn’t answering texts. 

• Assisted a family with a custody transfer. 

On Jan. 18

• Received a report of illegal dumping on Town Farm Road. 

• Took fingerprints for Florida conceal carry permits.

• Enforced speed limit on Grove Street..

On Jan. 19

• Mistakenly received suspicious acitivtiy complaint for Bradford constable. 

• Took fingerprints done for school employment and nursing license.

• Responded to domestic disturbance on River Street. 

• Responded to a series of 911 hang up calls at a residence on Sunset Drive. 

• Assisted Brandon Area Rescue with a Life Alert alarm activation on Mulcahy Drive. 

On Jan. 20

• Began an investigation in a missing person/stolen vehicle on Franklin Street. 

• Responded to a report of a swerving vehicle on Union Street. 

On Jan. 21

• Received report of a car operating in an unsafe manner near Conant Square. 

• Made traffic stops on Conant Square for speeding; Franklin Street for tailgating, defective equipment and no registration; Grove Street for defective equipment and McConnell Road for expired registration and defective equipment All drivers were issued warnings and one also received a ticket. 

• Enforced speed limit on Grove Street and Franklin Street. 

On Jan. 22

• Stopped drivers on Conant Square, Center Street and Grove Street for speeding, issuing three warnings. 

• Received report of a possible drug deal on Grove Street.

• Patrolled Center Street.

• Conducted a Property property watch at Union Street Grocery on Union Street.

• Enforced speed limit on Franklin Street, by Otter Valley Union High School. 

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