Brandon cops nab infamous loose dogs — at long last

BRANDON—Police were kept busy this week with several reports of loose dogs throughout the Brandon and Forest Dale areas, an alleged threat made by a parent against an administrator of the Neshobe School, multiple mental health issues, aiding in the arrest of a team of retail bandits, and helping recover a stolen motorcycle.

On October 12, police received two instances of an individual entering the police department seeking assistance for a mental health issue, with the second visit resulting in the individual’s eventual transportation to the Rutland Regional Medical Center by way of the Brandon Area Rescue Squad.

Later that same day, police responded to a call at Brandon Lumber for a report of retail theft involving a chainsaw. Upon reviewing the security footage, police were able to identify three suspects and a vehicle that were suspected in a retail theft at Dick’s Sporting Goods in Rutland earlier in the day. The matter was subsequently turned over to the Vermont State Police, resulting in the arrest of one suspect who is slated to appear in Rutland Count Superior Criminal Division Court on November 21, 2022.

On October 13, police recovered a stolen motorcycle from a property on Franklin street, and although the bike was found mostly disassembled, it was returned to its owner. However, no charges were filed in the case, as it was determined that the individual responsible for the theft had passed away.

The next day police responded to a call from the Neshobe School, where one of the school’s administrators reported having been threatened with physical harm by the parent of one of the school’s students. Officers eventually arrested the parent, who is slated to appear in Rutland Count Superior Criminal Division Court on Dec. 12, 2022, for the charge of disturbing the peace by electronic communication.

Finally, on October 15—after weeks of being spotted in traffic and on properties all over the Brandon and Forest Dale area and becoming the focus of a series of dramatic social media posts and Front Porch Forum posts—BPD was able to locate the two loose dogs on Triangle Court. 

The dogs, whose owners are still unknown, were transported to the Addison County Human Society and were found to be friendly, although scared, tired, and malnourished.

In other activities, police:

On Oct. 10

  • Received a call from individual advising that their autistic grandchild had run away from home. The child returned home safely sound shortly after the complaint was received.
  • Received a report that multiple parties had stolen goods from Jiffy Mart. The case still under investigation.
  • Received a request for subpoena service by the Rutland Criminal Court for a resident living on Morning Dove Lane. The subpoena was subsequently served in hand to the witness at the Brandon Police Department.

On Oct. 11

  • Received a report of vandalism to a mailbox by a resident of Deer Run Road.
  • Heard from an individual having a mental health crisis who came into the Brandon Police Station asking for help. After speaking with an officer, the individual agreed to speak with a mental health screener over the phone to try and resolve their issues.
  • Received a report from a plaintiff on Mulcahy Drive reporting that the defendant violated a stalking order on multiple occasions since the order had been issued.
  • Attended an individual having a mental health crisis who came into the Brandon Police. After speaking with an officer, the individual agreed to go to the hospital for treatment and was subsequently transported to the Rutland Regional Medical Center by Brandon Area Rescue.

On Oct. 12

  • Responded to Brandon Lumber & Millwork for a report of retail theft. Three suspects were observed on the store’s security system, with one of the individuals stealing a chainsaw. The identity of the suspect was unknown, but the vehicle and the two individuals with the suspect were positively identified as suspects in a retail theft from Dick’s Sporting Goods in Rutland Town earlier in the day, which led to an arrest by the Vermont State Police later in the day.
  • Responded to a report of larceny caught on camera at the Hannaford’s Supermarket. An investigation is ongoing.
  • Responded to a report of a pick-up truck driving erratically on Grove Street near the intersection of Farr Way. The operator was later identified and questioned when it was discovered that he had a non-extraditable arrest warrant out of North Carolina. However, since the warrant was non-extraditable, the officer released the individual.

On Oct. 13

  • Responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle parked in front of a residence on Marshall Phillips Road for approximately 15 minutes. The vehicle was not located following a search of the area.
  • Assisted a social worker in conducting a home check at a residence on Grove Street concerning an allegation of child neglect that had been made to DCF.
  • Recovered a stolen motorcycle on Franklin Street that was stolen out of Rutland City in August. The motorcycle was found mostly disassembled but was seized by police to be returned to its owner. However, no charges were filed due to the discovery that the person who was thought to have stolen the motorcycle had recently deceased.
  • Assisted an individual with a road rage incident that occurred earlier in the day on Center Street near Red Clover Ale. The complainant reported that she believed she had located the vehicle that had been harassing her earlier in the parking lot of Hannaford’s Supermarket. After speaking with an officer, the complainant did not wish to pursue that matter further.
  • Searched for flooding locations around town caused by heavy rainfall. The identified problem areas were relayed to the town’s highway department to address them. 

On Oct. 14

  • Responded to a call from an administrator at the Neshobe School who reported that the parent of a student threatened to physically harm them over the phone. The individual who made the alleged threats was charged with disturbing the peace by electronic communication and was released on a citation to appear in Rutland Superior Court Criminal Division on 12/12/2022.
  • Responded to a report on Franklin Street where a juvenile allegedly threatened another juvenile and sent them a picture of a gun. The ensuing investigation determined that the gun was a toy gun and that there was no threat to do any harm with a firearm of any kind.
  • Received an anonymous tip about someone spotting deer in the Forest Dale area of Town Farm Road. The information was forwarded to the Fish & Game Warden for follow-up.

On Oct. 15

  • Responded to a residential burglary alarm activation at a residence on Cobb Hill Road. The alarm was determined to be false and probably activated by the homeowner who was clearing his house when the police arrived on the scene.
  • Responded to multiple calls of loose dogs in the McConnell Road, Franklin Street, and Triangle Court area. The dogs were eventually located, and arrangements were made for the dogs to be transported to the Addison County Humane Society as no owner has yet come forward claiming the dogs.

On Oct. 16

  • Responded to a report of suspicious activity on Center Street in which an individual was allegedly running around inside a building with a black mask on while a pickup truck idled outside the building. The responding officers checked the area but did not locate anyone, and it did not appear that any criminal activity had occurred.
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