Pittsford town meeting results

PITTSFORD — Residents in Pittsford were gun-ho on passing the town budget, 387-260, and the highway budget, 402-245, but when it came to approving the sale of cannabis in town residents barely approved the measure, 323-313. 

The approval means that potential retailers of cannabis could open shop at earliest in October 2022. That delay allows town zoning and other boards to put in place appropriate regulations as they see fit. Neighboring Proctor also passed its retail cannabis measures, 125-102, and 137-65. 

Residents approved the town budget of $1,715,740, of which $1,322,350 is to be raised by property taxes, along with a highway budget of $1,187,100, of which $1,045,650 is to be raised by property taxes. Both budgets represent a 3% increase over last year’s budgets. 

Residents also approved village district expenses of $16,000, to be raised by property taxes and payable by village property owners. That vote was 415-220.

There were no contested races in Pittsford. Incumbent selectboard members Alicia Malay and Joe Gagnon were re-elected for their respective seats of three years and two years, and Thomas “Hank” Pelkey was re-elected to his three-year seat as Trustee of Public Funds. The current selectboard is comprised of Alicia Malay, chair; David Mills, vice-chair; and selectmen Thomas Pelkey, Thomas Hooker and Joseph Gagnon. 

Judi Tompkins was elected to a one-year term as MacLure Library Trustee. 

In other news, the town selectboard announced on Monday they had hired a new town manager, Brenda Fox-Howard.

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