No rides on Shoreham’s Fort Ticonderoga ferry yet


SHOREHAM — The Fort Ticonderoga Ferry, which provides 7-minute-long ferry rides across Lake Champlain from Shoreham, Vt., to Ticonderoga, N.Y., has not yet reopened this summer.

Longtime ferry owners Michael and Alison Matot this past winter sold the ferry to Neil Genson.

The cable-drawn ferry, which accommodates 18 vehicles per trip, normally begins running in April or May, but its start was delayed this year. A report by WCAX said that the new owner was being trained, and the ferry would be returning to business by Memorial Day weekend.

But the ferry is not running, and Genson has not returned calls to the Independent checking on his plans for this valuable transportation link, which often carries 100 vehicles a day during the summer. In the absence of the ferry, drivers must travel north to the Lake Champlain Bridge, which connects Addison, Vt., and Crown Point, N.Y., or travel south to cross into New York at Whitehall at the southern end of the lake.

The Fort Ti Ferry’s website says that there will be no rides until further notice.

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